Popular Themes for a Custom Tire Cover

Our custom spare tire covers are different than all the others because YOU created the design.

Do you have a design in mind? If not, start with a custom spare tire cover category or theme to give you some ideas and then take it from there. Perhaps you want a funny Jeep tire cover or maybe you were thinking of a military-style wheel cover for your son or daughter.


  • $224.95 plus shipping for a custom tire cover with/without your own image
Custom tire cover examples

Design your own tire cover

We use a HARD spare tire cover made of a textured, scratch-resistant plastic top with an added UV inhibitor for the best weather protection you can buy.

Years from now, your custom tire cover will look just as sharp and professional as the day you received it.

See what our customers are saying about our custom spare tire covers:


Picture is So Clear

Personalized tire cover with photo

I got a personalized Jeep cover as a gift for my birthday. I absolutely love it. The picture is so clear. I couldn’t be any happier!

Terri LaRocca

Love It

Cool tire covers of sunsets

Got it – and love it! Thanks much!

Susan Hunt

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Custom spare tire covers make the perfect personalized gift.

As easy as 1-2-3

Some of the new style vehicles (such as the 2018 JL Wrangler) have a backup camera mounted in the center of the spare tire. The front of our custom tire covers is solid so they cannot accommodate that hardware.