How To Use Our Online Designer

Our designer is very easy to use and intuitive, so click here to start designing and see what your unique tire cover will look like.

If you are having difficulties using some of the tools, refer to this guide for a step-by-step tutorial.

This video clip displays how easy it really is:

see how easy it is

Intro (top)

design tools

  • Use one of the 5 buttons at the top of the designer to see the different design tools available.
  • The “ADD TEXT” button will allow you to insert a line of text.
  • The “ADD SHAPES” button will allow you to add arrows, circles, squares, etc…
  • The “ADD CLIPART” button will allow you to view and insert one of our graphics/photos.
  • The “UPLOAD FILE” button will allow you to upload your own image.
  • The “MY DESIGNS” button will show you the files or designs you have saved (sign up and log-in are required, free).

Modify Objects (top)

modify objects

  • Once you click on “ADD TEXT”, “ADD CLIPART”, “ADD SHAPE”, etc… you will see a highlighted box on the left with all the tools to change color, size, alignment, rotation, etc…

As easy as 1-2-3

Change Colors of an Object (top)


  change colors of an object change colors of an object

  • You can change the color of your text or of our black and white stock images.
    • Note: you cannot change the colors in a colored image. If you try to change the color of a multi-colored image the popup will time-out.
  • Click on the “COLOR” icon and a popup will appear with many color choices. Click on your desired ink color.
  • Close the popup by clicking the “X” in the upper-right or upper-left corners.

Moving Objects (top)

move objects

  • Once your text/clipart element is on the design, simply click on the center marker (dot) and drag it where you want it to be.
    • NOTE: if the edges of the text/image disappear, that means you went out of the design area. Anything outside of the design area will not be printed.

Resize Objects (top)

resize object

  • Click on an element (text, shape or image) and drag the arrows to resize. It will resize in any direction you wish.
    • NOTE: To resize the text/image proportionately (not stretched but just larger), use one of the arrows in the corners only.

Rotate Objects (top)
rotate objectrotate object

  • Click on the “ROTATE” icon to rotate your text or image.

Align Objects (top)

align objects  align objects

  • Select the element you want to align (line of text, image, shape, etc…)
  • Click on the “ALIGN” icon and a popup will appear with many choices. Click on your desired alignment.
  • Close the popup by clicking the “X” in the upper-right or upper-left corners.

Blur Objects (top)

blur objects

Transparency (top)

make object transparant

  • Use this to make your text or image semi-transparent.
  • Each click increases/decreases amount of transparency.

Shadow Objects (top)

shadow objects shadow object

  • With these controls you can define shadow effects.
  • “Shadow Color” is… the color of the shadow 🙂
  • “Shadow X” and “Shadow y” controls the offset of the shadow itself, so simply where it will be shown.

Outline Objects (top)

outline objects outline objects

Move Object to the Front of Another (top)

bring object in front of another object

  • Use this to bring text to the front of (on top of) another object.

Move Object to the Back of Another (top)

bring object behind another

  • Use this to bring text to the front of (on top of) another object.

Undo/Redo (top)

undo or redo changes

  • Use these buttons to UNDO or REDO any recent actions

Deleting Objects (top)

delete or remove object

  • If you want to totally delete an element (text, shape, or image), just click on its “REMOVE” button.

As easy as 1-2-3

TEXT (top)

Add Text

add text to design

  • Click on the “ADD TEXT” button and a popup menu will display all the options for the text you are adding.
  • In the popup box, type your text and see it display on the product.
    • You can click the “ADD TEXT” button for each line of text (gives you the most options because each line of text can be different sizes, colors, fonts, etc..) or you can type multiple lines of text in one box (but all changes will apply to all lines of text the same, such as size, color, etc…).

Fonts (top)

change font (letter style)

see images of different letter styles see preview of your letters in different fonts

  • Select the line of text you want to change
  • Click on the “FONT” icon and a popup menu will display all the fonts available. You can see the font list in 3 different views:
    • View of the Font Names
    • View of the Font Images
    • View of the Text Preview in each Font
  • Select your desired font
  • Click the “X” to close that screen.

Distort or Arch (top)

arch text arch text

  • Use this feature to arch your text around a curve.
  • Click the “Distort” button
  • Select the degree of distortion or arching that you want. Start with 60 degrees, which is the most common if you want to follow a complete circle, such as a tire cover.
  • Click the button to make the arch upwards or downwards.
  • Click “close” to close that popup when you are done with the distortion tool.

SHAPES (top)

Add Shapes (circle, star, square, rectangle, polygon, arrow)

add a shape advanced options for shapes

  • When clicked, a popup will appear with several different shapes to choose from.
  • Once you add a shape, you can click the OPTIONS button to modify the shape.

Modify Shapes: Change color, size, etc… 

modify shapes

As easy as 1-2-3



add clipart

  • When clicked, a popup will appear with many stock clipart images.
  • Just select the category you’re interested in, and then click on the desired image or use the SEARCH tool.

Modify Clipart (top)

clipart tools

  • You can change the color of our black and white stock images ONLY. If you try to change the color of a multi-colored image the popup will time-out.
  • When clicked, a popup will appear with many color choices. Click on your desired ink color.
  • Close the popup by clicking the “X” in the upper-right or upper-left corners.

Flip Clipart

  • When clicked, the image will be upside down.
  • Click again to make it right-side up.

Duplicate Clipart

  • When clicked, the image is duplicated.
  • Click again if you want 3, and so on.


Click “UPLOAD” Button

upload your own image

  • By clicking on it, you will be able to upload/use an image from your computer.
    • Allowed file formats are: GIF, JPG, PNG
    • Transparency of GIF and semi-transparency of PNG are fully supported.
      • NOTE: Make sure it is a high-quality, large image, preferably 300 dpi.
      • NOTE: Even if the design looks nice in your web browser, a small image cannot guarantee a good print quality.
  • Click “Browse” button to pick your image from your computer.
  • Click “Add New” to upload the image to our server.
    • NOTE: any image you upload is assumed to be your image or an image you have permission to use. We are not responsible for copyright or trademark infringements.


  1. Add to the design
  2. Crop/Rotate
    • Rotate – If you need to rotate your image before you crop, select Rotate CW (clockwise) or Rotate CCW (counter-clockwise) THEN use your cropping tool.
    • Crop: click and move the box over the area you want to keep.
    • Click the “Select Cropping Shape” button and select the shape. The screen will show you the shape and area where the cropping will be.
    • Click the “Apply Crop” button when you are satisfied with your image or click “Close Without Saving Changes” button to exit the editor.
  3. Remove Background Color (such as remove a white background)
    • Click on the background color and select “Make Flashing Color Transparant” or select “Return to upload screen”
  4. Reduce Colors
  5. Remove

Use this button to enable/disable resize.

When enabled, four flashing squares will appear on your clipart’s corners.

Just drag them to alter the size of the clipart.


register to save or retrieve designs register to save designs save design

  • Please register if you want to save your designs for later.
    • It’s free, it’s simple.
    • Don’t worry, we will not give out your email address.

Send design to a friend:

send design to a friend

As easy as 1-2-3