Helpful Design Tips

Design a personalized tire cover with the help of our online design tools.

You don’t need to be a design expert to create the awe-inspiring, personalized tire cover you’ve been looking for. Our online tire cover designer makes the process easy breezy! You just point, click, and see a virtual proof.

Here are some design tips to help you along the way.

  • Remember, a good design can easily be a GREAT design with just a few adjustments.
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Quality HARD (not soft) personalized tire covers.
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custom rv tire cover

Using shadows or outlines

  • Shadows and/or outlines will offset your lettering or image, and add a 3-D look to your design.
  • The yellow lettering in this example has a burgundy shadow for more depth and style.

A personalized tire cover with shadows and/or outlines on the design makes flat letters suddenly come alive.

Arching (curving) text

  • A personalized tire cover can have text in a straight line or arched (curved) around the shape of the tire cover.
  • Arching (curving) the text will allow more design area on a circular background.
  • It will frame a centered image if the image is cropped into a circle-shape.
  • A square or rectangle-shaped image looks best with straight text instead of curved.

advertise your business with a custom tire cover
Text size

  • Text size is an important element to keep in mind. What is the purpose of your design? Is this meant to be read from far away or up close?
  • The more lines of text you add to your design the smaller each letter is going to be, thus the less readable.
  • What is more important in your design? The name of your business, the service you provide or that funny one-liner? These are all things that need to be easily readable in order to relay your message.
  • Remember, a personalized tire cover is a distance-viewing product, so you want the lettering to be readable from a distance. Less is more! Simplicity is beautiful!

Personalized tire covers with photos
Using photographs

  • “A picture is worth a thousand words”.
  • Using a photograph can add the look you want, from silly and fun, to serious or professional.
  • A photograph also helps break up text and make it more readable.

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Customer Service Was Great

Wonder Woman Tire Cover

The tire cover is spectacular – I love it!  It arrived faster than I expected it to and the customer service was great.  Very fast response to my emails and questions. Thank you!

You guys were great – I’ll be recommending you for sure and will definitely be back!

Kim Marciano


Choosing Colors

Colors are an important element in the design. Knowing the purpose of your design will make the color choices easier.

low contrasting lettering
  • Low Contrast: If your design needs a subtle accent color or a second color to give depth, choosing a low contrasting color will effectively add a dimensional look and allow the eye to easily see the main focal point.
    • Do not use low-contrasting colors for lettering or images, only for accents, such as the navy blue in the example, unless you outline it in a higher contrasting color.
    • Examples of low contrasting colors against a black tire cover would be Sapphire Blue, Hunter Green, Purple, and Burgundy.

personalized spare tire covers
  • Medium Contrast: If you want a classy look without boldness, but still want readability and visibility, choose a medium contrasting color.
    • Examples of medium contrasting colors against a black background would be: Medium Grey, Medium Green, Red, Medium Blue, Orange, Teal, Silver, Gold, Copper

advertise your business with personalized spare tire covers
  • High Contrast: If your purpose is to 'wow' your viewers, then using a high contrasting color will make your design stand out and demand attention. Personalized spare tire covers are an excellent way to advertise your business.
  • Examples of high contrasting colors on a black tire cover would be White, Light Grey, Yellow, Lavender, Pink, and Light Blue.

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Some of the new style vehicles (such as the 2018 JL Wrangler) have a backup camera mounted in the center of the spare tire. The front of our custom tire covers are solid so they cannot accommodate that hardware.