Why Buy From Us?

Tire covers must be made of high-quality materials – or what’s the point!

You need tire covers that are meant to last, especially if you live in harsh weather areas, and that’s what we offer.

We carry quality hard tire covers

We use the highest-quality, outdoor-durable materials:

  • Hard ABS plastic – Protects your tire from nicks, scratches, bumps—or if you are into the rough stuff, rocks, mud, and rugged terrain. It is textured and scratch-resistant.
  • UV Inhibitor – Protection from the blistering sun. Like sunblock on steroids!
  • Thick vinyl fabric around the sides – Fits your tire like a glove.
  • Elastic shock-cord in the hem – Keeps the tire cover snug (no loose, sloppy fit like the universal, one-size-fits-all covers).
  • Fully customized by you. Our designer is as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Also, we are proud to say that our tire covers are made in the USA.

tire covers
tire cover

Our custom tire covers are ideally suited for customizing BECAUSE they are hard. Why you ask?

  • A hard tire cover cannot fold or crease, so the permanent adhesive on the printed graphic will never lift or lose contact.

If you buy a soft tire cover, the graphic will start to peel and get air bubbles where it is folded or creased, thus breaking the adhesive seal. Graphics are not meant to be on a soft, flexible surface. Before long your beautiful picture won’t look so beautiful anymore. With a hard spare tire cover that doesn’t happen.

Mt Dew spare tire covers It looks amazing! … the one I bought from another company is in the trash. All 3 of the covers I have gotten from you over the years have been top notch.

Doug Krueger, Delaware, OH

Yes, our tire covers are the best, designed to withstand the ravages of wind, rain, sun, and cold. Do your spare tire a favor and protect it. After all, you might need it someday!

So what are you waiting for? Start designing your own custom tire cover with:

  • pictures
  • words
  • logos
  • … whatever you want

See it in color, a free virtual proof. Make as many changes online until you have it just right. Order today.

as easy as 1, 2, 3


  • $224.95 plus shipping for a custom tire cover with or without your own image

Let us help you show off your business, hobby, or passion in style with a personalized spare tire cover that will last for years to come!

Custom tire covers make the perfect personalized gift – birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement, moving, etc…

Some of the new style vehicles (such as the 2018 JL Wrangler) have a backup camera mounted in the center of the spare tire. The front of our custom tire covers are solid so they cannot accommodate that hardware.