Do you want to buy a tire cover but have questions? Here are the most common questions people ask about our tire covers.

  • How durable is the tire cover?
    • In order for a tire cover to be really durable, it should be hard. Our tire covers are superior to a soft vinyl one, because they are made of a high quality, outdoor-durable ABS plastic with an added UV inhibitor, and attached to thick, durable, vinyl fabric sides for a snug fit. Elastic in the hem keeps the tire cover secured to the spare tire.
  • How durable is the lettering and graphics on the tire cover?
    • All designs are printed on outdoor-durable vinyl, designed to resist fading, cracking or peeling even in severe cold, hot, humid or dry climates.
    • We also apply a UV protective laminate over the print to help preserve the quality of the image, come rain or shine.
  • How do I store my tire cover?
    • Our tire covers should be stored in the original box for added protection.
  • How do I clean my tire cover?
    • Our spare tire covers can be washed with mild soap and water as often as you like. Avoid using super hot water, abrasive brushes, or abrasive cleansers. Armorall or a similar vinyl protectant should be applied periodically to the vinyl sides to keep the material subtle and preserve the luster.
  • Why are your tire covers so much more expensive than the others?
    • The biggest reason is in the tire cover itself. Our tire covers are not the standard off-the-shelf $19.95 covers that you see elsewhere. We are the only manufacturer of custom tire covers that offers the premium quality hard tire covers. Most of our competitors sell pre-made, pre-designed tire covers. That’s why they are so cheap. When you do see others that offer “custom”, you will see that they do not have an online designer and you are limited in what you can put on the design. Don’t be fooled by price alone. You do get what you pay for.
  • Why is your shipping so expensive when all competitors offer free shipping?
    • Again, the biggest reason is the tire cover itself. It weighs approx. 7 pounds and cannot be folded like the soft vinyl ones can. The box is approximately 32 inches x 32 inches, depending on the tire cover size. Between the size and the weight, the shipping costs will be higher. We do not cut corners on quality.

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Turned Out Perfect!

Live Free or Die American Flag tire covers

I am very impressed! It turned out perfect!!

James Stout

Images and Artwork:


  1. Can I use a photograph on a tire cover?
    • Certainly. You can choose from our extensive online library of photos, or upload one of your own.
    • If using your own, try to use a high-quality image, preferably a nice size of at least 4 inches to ensure a quality reproduction. The quality of the image you send us will directly affect the quality of the image on the on the finished tire cover.
    • We redraw most images/logos that have solid colors (no additional charge), to ensure the sharpest quality.
    • NOTE: a spare tire cover is meant to be viewed at a distance; therefore, even low-quality images that result in pixelation when enlarged are still considered very acceptable because pixelation or graininess cannot be seen from any significant distance. Although high-quality images are preferred, low-quality images are often still usable.
    • NOTE: Due to many factors affecting color, particularly your monitor settings, the colors shown are only approximate. Actual colors may differ.
  2. Can I combine words with a photo?
    • Yes. You can add custom text on your design above and/or below the photographic image using our online designer. This is included in the price of a custom tire cover with your own photo.
  3. Do you have photos that I can use on my custom tire cover design?
    • Certainly. You can choose from over 8,000 photos in our photo library. Any of these photos can be cropped, such as in a circle to match the shape of the tire cover. Enter any additional needs in the NOTES section in the online designer.
    • NOTE: Due to many factors affecting color, particularly your monitor settings, the colors shown are only approximate. Actual colors may differ.

 Personalized Jeep tire cover with a photo Thank you so much for the great job on the spare tire cover!

-Kelly Dement, Stafford, VA


  1. Do you have stock images to choose from?
    • Yes. We have an online image library of over 13,000 images to help you dress up your tire cover design. Any of these images can be cropped and/or resized if preferred. The single-color images can be in any color.
    • NOTE: Due to many factors affecting color, particularly your monitor settings, the colors shown are only approximate. Actual colors may differ.

 Paw print on tire cover I want to send you a huge thank you, my Jeep cover is so awesome. I have gotten so many compliments on it. I can’t tell you enough how wicked awesome it looks. Here’s a picture for you. THANK YOU!

-Samantha Cahill


  1. Can I use my own logo, photo or image?
    • Yes, we can put your logo, photo or image on a custom spare tire cover. Just upload your image with your order and we will email you a color proof within 3-5 days of receipt of your order after we prepare the artwork.
  2. Can I request changes to the image after you send me the proof?
    • Yes, you can request 1 free change after receiving your color proof. Options for additional changes with proofs are extra. Changes are limited to the original artwork submitted and can be a change in lettering (such as style, size, positioning) or of the size, position, or cropping of the image.
    • Preparing artwork and developing color proofs are very resource-intensive, so we ask that you add any special instructions, if requested, in the ORDER NOTES section on the checkout page. Our goal is to make it exactly how you want it.
    • NOTE: the changes you request do not include image editing or submitting other images to replace the image on the order.
  3. Will the colors be a perfect match?
    • Due to many factors affecting color, particularly your monitor settings, the colors shown are only approximate. Actual colors may differ.

Mt Dew spare tire coversIt looks amazing! … the one I bought from another company is in the trash. All 3 of the covers I have gotten from you over the years have been top notch.

-Doug Drueger, Delaware, OH


  1. Do you have team logos?
    • No. Due to copyright issues, we do not offer team sports logos.
  2. Do you have company logos on file?
    1. Yes. We have an extensive library of over 2,000 national logos available. Logos are provided as a convenience to authorized users only (such as dealers).

as easy as 1, 2, 3


Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. What is your Online Designer?
    • Our online designer is an easy online tool that helps you create the design you want, see it in color on a custom spare tire cover preview. You can select the font (letter style) for your wording, the color, the letter size, text, possibly add an image, and ... wa-lah! Your custom spare tire cover appears on your screen, as you designed it.
    • Feel free to play until your heart's content. What are you waiting for, it's free. Have fun. Try it today!
    • Our designer is only capable of showing your own uploaded image online if it is in a JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, TIFF, PDF, EPS, or SVG format. If it is in a different format, we can still use it, but the designer cannot display the virtual proof online. You will need to convert your image into one of these file formats in order to see it online.
  2. If I use my own image and I do not like my design after seeing the proof, can I use a different image?
    • Yes, however, if you decide to use a different image than the one that was submitted with your original order there will be a $40 art preparation charge. This process is resource-intensive, and we cannot accommodate major changes in the image after we start preparing your artwork. You can make a text, font, text color, size, or position change to the design without any additional charge.
    • NOTE: Due to many factors affecting color, particularly your monitor settings, the colors shown are only approximate. Actual colors may differ.
  3. What if want a color proof before I order?
    • The online designer is available to allow you to see your design in color, like a virtual proof, as you make changes, even if you are not ready to buy a custom tire cover.
    • The emailed color proof for customers that upload their own image is only offered for prepaid, non-cancelable orders, that way you have the satisfaction of seeing it in color before it is made, and requesting a change if need be.
    • NOTE: Due to many factors affecting color, particularly your monitor settings, the colors shown are only approximate. Actual colors may differ.

Tire Really Pops!

Dog photo on custom tire cover

It’s been 4.5 years, and we wanted to say that we love our tire cover more than ever. We just updated our Jeep, and the tire really POPS on the purple color. Thanks again for such a great product.

Marilynn & Dennis Bachorik

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If you still have questions before ordering a tire cover, please feel free to contact us.

Some of the new style vehicles (such as the 2018 JL Wrangler) have a backup camera mounted in the center of the spare tire. The front of our custom tire covers are solid so they cannot accommodate that hardware.