A spare tire cover should fit snugly.

Purchasing a size-specific spare tire cover not only looks better but protects the spare tire better.

  • Avoid the one-size-fits-all universal tire covers.

Our tire cover is hard, so they are much more durable than the soft vinyl tire covers are.

We carry a spare tire cover for every tire size between 25 and 33 inches (the extra-large 35 inch is not available).

Spare tire covers for Realtors

Some of the new style vehicles (such as the 2018 JL Wrangler) have a backup camera mounted in the center of the spare tire. The front of our custom tire covers are solid so they cannot accommodate that hardware.

Providing the Spare Tire Size Insures a Perfect Fit.

spare tire size

Finding the exact spare tire size is easy. Just inspect your spare tire and find the numbers/letters printed on the side. You should see a series of letters and numbers, such as a P225/75R16 or 30X10.5R15

  • The spare tire size in this drawing is a P215/75R16.

These numbers tell our production team what size spare tire cover to use. This is the best way to guarantee a perfect fit.

  • NOTE: Do not worry if you don’t have the tire size. Just leave the TIRE SIZE box empty on the order and we will contact you for more specifics.

Using the Make, Model and Year to Determine the Tire Size

Is your spare tire cover a gift for someone else? If so, you might not be able to look for the spare tire size. In that case, you can enter the make, model, and year of the vehicle. With that information, we can look up the standard-equipped spare tire size for that vehicle.

  • Note: If the vehicle has a custom or optional spare tire, the standard-equipped size won’t apply. You assume the risk if the spare tire isn’t the standard size.

Because the spare tire cover is so size-specific, we prefer to get the actual spare tire size that is printed on the spare itself, whenever possible.

  • Measuring a tire accurately is difficult because it is tapered, so that method is not recommended.

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Jeep tire cover with owl image I really love my tire cover. I purchased a Turtle design tire cover from you in 2009 and its still looking good and in excellent condition seven years later. In fact, I only ordered a new one because I purchased a new Jeep with larger tires.

-Sherri Noland

Wheel cover I received the tire cover this weekend and wanted to tell you that it looks awesome and fits great! Thanks so much for all your help. Stay warm..from sunny Florida. ?

-Linda Ward, Jacksonville, FL

Insignia on a tire cover I recently ordered a custom tire cover and was really pleased with the whole process! The website made it super easy to customize my cover, and I was kept informed about the progress. The cover fits like a glove, and my boyfriend loves it! Thank you.

-Jennifer Gibson

Spare tire cover for advertising landscaping services Received our Jeep tire cover, it fits great and I love the way it looks. Thanks for a job well done.

-Lisa Walsh, Fort Myers, FL

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